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884 Garvin Hill Rd
Greensboro, VT







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CUSTOMER SERVICE or (802) 533-2566 

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We are focused on making, aging, and supporting our collection in the marketplace, leaving distribution to the experts. For help finding a distributor in your area that carries our line, contact:

We are unable to bring on direct to retail, restaurant, or catering customers, though we would be happy to offer information and support to you and your teams. Sign up for the inventory updates below to stay connected.



Unfortunately, we are limited by a busy staff, strict food safety standards and fire code restrictions, so we are unable to host tours for the public of the Farm or Cellars.

If you're in Greensboro and would like to purchase our cheese, check out The Willey's Store - they keep a fresh stock all year round.

We have a visitors center in our vision, along with other exciting projects. Please stay tuned.

Thank you for your interest and support.


IF YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT or plan to visit the Farm or Cellars in a professional capacity, please follow the link below.



Want to join our team? Click here for more info...

Want to join our team? Click here for more info...


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