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884 Garvin Hill Rd
Greensboro, VT






what's with winnimere's wash?

Just brine! In the past, various brewers have generously shared their craft with us to incorporate in a special wash for Winnimere. After exhaustive vertical trials with many styles of beverages, blind tastings have concluded that a simple salt-water solution yields the most ideal results.

Winnimere is incredibly terrior driven - lab results have confirmed that the indigenous microflora from our raw milk and aging environment generally outcompete any purchased, inoculated cultures by the time of ripeness. Its robust aroma profile reflects this unique set of microorganisms while reducing the potential for any brine embellishments to impact its character. For this reason, we'd rather save the precious beer for pairing!

Winnimere brine washes in the future may be dosed with indigenous microflora isolated in our lab, but we have made a firm decision not to add any other ingredients to Winnimere's brine. Its native cultures, seasonality, hand-harvested bark strip and incredible milk quality are all this cheese needs to serve as the highest expression of our craft that our collection has to offer. Enjoy it with friends, a spoon, and a glass of your favorite beer.