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R & D Feedback


research and Development feedback

Hello Monger Friend,

Thanks for taking the time to evaluate our R&D trial. As you may know, we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of several hundred goats this spring at our new Bridgeman Hill Farm. We’ve partnered with goat legend Ryan Andrus and his wife, Annie, in breathing new life into a neighboring dairy.

The goats will arrive during lactation; we’re trying to get out ahead of recipe development so that we can hit the ground running as much as possible.

While we don’t have a ‘finished’ concept to share with you yet, we’d love to get feedback on one of the new cheeses taking shape:


Please evaluate the GOAT SQUARE for Flavor Characteristics. This is Pasteurized Goat (we will be pasteurizing all goat batches until we get raw milk quality established at the new farm, but raw milk goat cheeses are definitely on the horizon. This batch is moving quickly and the moisture is a bit high…

Please evaluate the COW BRICK for Appearance and Format. This is the ultimate size and shape we are targeting for a pure goat milk cheese. So let us know how this format would work, but we’re not asking for feedback on the flavor/texture in this round, since we used cow milk for the trial.

Please enjoy the GOAT ROUND for fun- we’ve sent two so that you can taste again in a few weeks. These are a bit underdeveloped, yet. A pure goat version of this cheese would likely be very expensive as an exact weight, which is why we are aiming for the random weight, cut-to-order brick. They’re looking nice, though, so feel free to give us feedback on this in the notes section.

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Tasting Date
1 - much too little, 5 - Perfect, 10 - Much too much 3-7 range would be considered 'sale-able'
0-3 - not saleable 4-5 - sales slowing quality 6-7 - sales stable quality 8-10 - sales building quality
Use DF scale description above.
Where would the price for a pure goat brick top out, per pound?
How well do you think this cheese will work in your shop? What other things did you notice with this cheese or what would like to be different?