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Special Edition Willoughby

Wild Child 1.jpg
Wild Child 1.jpg
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Special Edition Willoughby


These two variations on Willoughby washed with either of Alchemist Brewery's Wild Child or Petit Mutant are in very limited supply – so order fast! 

Wash Flavor:
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Petit Mutant Willoughy: Petit Mutant is a Brett Ale fermented on a wild yeast strain called Brettanomyces Bruxellensis. It is than re-fermented with over 3,000 pounds of Montmorency cherries, which were grown at a local farm in the state of Vermont. Due to the massive amount of cherries in the brewing process, each individual bottle is packed with the juice from a pound of this tasty fruit. This beer is also brewed with Vermont and Maine barley and uses hops grown right at the brewery in Waterbury, VT. With this particular batch, a small portion of bacteria soured, barrel-aged Petit was blended back into the final bottling blend. This technique adds a whole new level of complexity to the overall sour characteristics of the beer, while maintaining the fruit’s juiciness. We have washed Willoughby to high fanfare in this beer before, but this particular batch of Petit has new flavors which lend well to the Willoughby wash. Pair this cheese up with fruited sour beer, and you will be in heaven.

Wild Child: Their special Alchambic Sour Ale coming in at 5% has been 2 years in the making, spending it's time aging in barrels, then blending, bottling, conditioning, and now it's absolutely perfect for drinking (and washing delicious cheese!). This is the first time Alchemist has put Wild Child in a bottle and they sold out of their 800 bottles of it in record time as usual. This is the first time Willoughby has been washed in Wild Child and it has made for one deliciously soft and flavorful cheese that pairs perfectly with a sour Lambic style beer.

A couple of Jasper Hill limited releases available to order now!