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Greensboro, VT






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Kinsman Ridge

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Kinsman Ridge

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A natural-rind tomme made with raw milk by Landaff Creamery

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Made by Deb & Doug Erb of Landaff Creamery. Kinsman Ridge is inspired by funky French tommes like St. Nectaire, a style that's enviably more common in Europe than on this side of the pond.

Kinsman Ridge is a semi-soft, tomme-style cheese with aromas of fresh butter, forest and cured meat. Young wheels are washed with brine before a mottled natural rind is cultivated. As it matures, Kinsman's interior transitions from smooth and firm to a giving and creamy consistency. Flavors are rich, savory, and softly floral, with hints of roasted artichoke and asparagus.

Available by the half-pound or 1-pound wedge, or by the whole wheel (approximately 5-6 pounds).