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884 Garvin Hill Rd
Greensboro, VT






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Bridgman Blue - NEW!


Bridgman Blue - NEW!

from 13.00

A raw-milk, natural rind blue cheese made by Jasper Hill Creamery with a blend of Cow and Goat milk

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Bridgman Blue is made within Jasper HIll’s original farmstead creamery in Greensboro, Vermont. The raw cow milk is exclusively sourced from Jasper Hill’s own cows. Before the make begins, this milk is blended with a fresh delivery of raw milk from Bridgman Hill Farm’s goats. Curd are then formed using a specialized blue cheese vat.

Tall cylinders of fresh cheese make their way across the drive into The Cellars, where a rustic natural rind is cultivated during several months of cave ripening. Resulting flavors are complex with notable aromas of goat milk, white pepper, buckwheat honey and caves. A dense but giving texture is creamy on the palate.