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Book: Cheddar by Gordon Edgar

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Book: Cheddar by Gordon Edgar


A history of our country's most iconic cheese. 

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Ever wonder how one style of cheese can be so ubiquitous, appearing everywhere from fast-food restaurants and spray cans, to the finest cheese plates? More than any other cheese, cheddar tells a great story about our history as a nation, the rise of industrialized food production, and the current movement to return to small-scale farming. 

This book looks into the history of cheddar production in our country, how it grew into a commodity and how ours fell from grace in international trade. Edgar has a wry wit as a writer, peppering his research with humor as he delves into this rich history.

207 pages, published 2015 by Chelsea Green. This book ships for free via UPS ground. If ordered with cheese, our default shipping rates for perishables apply.