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884 Garvin Hill Rd
Greensboro, VT






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The Woodsman

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Woodsman 1.jpg
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The Woodsman

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Transport yourself to a Green Mountain forest...


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The Woodsman contains everything woodsy about the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Both our bark-wrapped cheeses from Jasper Hill Farm: 1 wheel each of Winnimere and Harbison. (totals about 1.5 pounds), plus maple glazed pecans from Squirrel Stash Nuts, a Rockledge Farms Wooden Spreader and a package of Red Barn Brewers Lavash Crackers.

  • Winnimere: A seasonal, washed-rind cheese made only from winter milk, when our cows are eating dry hay in our dairy barn and producing rich milk that's perfect for this style of cheese. The texture is very soft, with flavors of bacon, mustard, and tropical fruit. 
  • Harbison: Slightly smaller with a delicate bloomy rind. While also very soft, Harbison's flavors are reminiscent of mushrooms & butter, or brassica vegetables when ripe. For both cheeses, we recommend leaving the bark intact and serving with a spoon. 

Packaged in a kraft paper gift box (standard), or in a handsome & reusable wooden gift box for an additional $9.