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884 Garvin Hill Rd
Greensboro, VT







Jasper Hill Farm began as a model for value-added production; turning milk into a high-value product achieved profitability for a small scale farm. Pigs have always been a part of this story with their appetite for the by-product of whey and batches of cheese that don't make the grade. We have finally realized our vision of applying the value-add strategy to pork with a small, USDA inspected facility near the original farm. Dry curing meat concentrates flavor and reveals the complexity of a place-based product in a way that compliments our working landscape and our tables.

Jasper Hill farm dry-cured salami

Dry Cured Plain Salami - 4.5oz

Dry Cured Plain Salami - 4.5oz

Black Pepper Salami - 4.5oz

Black Pepper Salami - 4.5oz