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884 Garvin Hill Rd
Greensboro, VT







A good cheese yield is only about 20% of our fluid milk volume - which means that as cheesemakers, we produce a lot more whey than curd. Fortunately, we have a great outlet for this nutritious byproduct: a whey-fed pork program.

Long enjoyed by our staff and neighbors, we are finally ready to share this quality meat with the world at large. In 2015 we teamed up with Pete's Greens, a neighboring organic vegetable farm, to raise pastured, heritage breed pigs on our respective byproducts: whey and organic vegetable scraps. The resulting meat products are now available under the brand VT 99 Meats

We'll be adding to the products below over the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned...

Beet Sausage

Fresh pork sausage, made with beets. 

Kimchi Sausage

Fresh pork sausage, made with Pete's Greens Kimchi.

Blue Cheese Sausage

Fresh pork sausage, made with Bayley Hazen Blue. 

Uncured Bacon

Made from our own whey-fed pork. New packaging!

Dry-Cured Salami

Handmade in small batches with our own whey-fed pork.