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Milk and cheese quality is all about the microbes. True, the balance of components in the milk and skill of the cheesemaker are also key, but an excellent cheese has its microflora to thank. With a raw milk (unpasteurized) cheese this microflora is inherent, lending potential complexity to the finished product. For those made with pasteurized milk, this balance of flavor and texture developing flora is more deliberate - the result of activity from purchased culture blends.

To comply with federal regulations we must pasteurize the milk for cheese that will be sold before 60 days of aging; our collection is comprised of both raw and pasteurized cheeses. While pasteurized cheeses can be delicious and complex, they are less rooted in this place than their raw milk counterparts.

To work around this, we built a lab within the Cellars.  Using it, we have the potential to reflect a more distinct 'taste of place' in our cheeses.