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event supplies

just add cheese

You never know when you might need to throw down on a cheese tasting. These supplies make it easy to present a clean and tidy sampling table, while fitting in a tote on the way back to the farm. You know what you won't see on our table? Cheese cubes or toothpicks...



  1. Chopping mats - lightweight, bendy, and easier to clean than a wood cutting board with knife marks. Replaceable when they become too scarred to clean well.
  2. Patty Paper - quartering squares of patty paper to serve someone a sample with keeps display boards free of crumbs and cheese goo. This is how many mongers offer samples over a counter. A great way to tame a chaotic crowd - it requires a little patience, but cuts way down on grabbers and grazers, and thus cheese use. We manage with a pound per hour per cheese this way.
  3. Sheathed Knives - you'll want to take these everywhere. Just remember to get them out of your purse before airport security... 
  4. Display boards - If you limit cheese cutting to the mats and just use boards to display, they remain easy to clean and nice looking for years. These are made in the US from renewable materials, and are flat and lightweight.
  5. Hand sanitizer - fragrance free with a screw-on cap...
  6. Tasting spoons for gooey cheese - just try getting Winnimere on a toothpick!
  7. Cafe Wipz - After years of trying to clean cheese off of stuff with alcohol or disinfectant wipes, we found these fragrance-free ionic detergent wipes designed to dissolve milk residue off of espresso wands. Once a surface is adequately clean it can then be properly sanitized. 
  8. Stainless sign-holders - Get a million of them. Who knows where they end up.
  9. Square Reader - take a credit card with your phone or tablet. No set-up required (just an app download), and most customers are used to it by now. Quick transactions and fewer lost sales.
  10. Glass-top scale - We tend to bring pre-cut and weighed pieces for a selling event, but this is perfect for when you need to cut and wrap on the fly. No buttons or crevices to get all gross, so its easy to wipe clean during service.