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Greensboro, VT





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VT99  is a collaboration brand between Jasper Hill Farm and Pete's greens. We are rotating land use between veggies, hay and pigs, and combining bi-products of vegetable and cheese production in order to make the most of our individual farming efforts. We plan to create a small line of retail products like chops, bacon, sausages and hot dogs while we also develop some dry cured items. Eventually, we will have a USDA inspected production facility where we can add value to the meat we raise.

These Hot Dogs were made from a 50/50 blend of pork and beef - all raised by Jasper Hill or Pete's Green's. They were produced by our butcher, VT Packinghouse - a newer facility with a humane slaughter system and professional packaging equipment.

Thanks for taking the time to get us your feedback. This will ensure more meat coming your way in the future!

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