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Greetings Ommegang Team!

The demo kit you’re looking for was designed especially for Whole Foods Market, based on their inventory during the months of May and June. We would be more than happy to send you cheese for an event or demo with a shared retail or on-premise customer. Because the availability of our collection varies widely by individual location, we’d prefer to cater the cheese selection and quantity to each event to make sure that the customer has inventory of what we are sending.

Check out this awesome pairing guide that explores the most likely cheeses to be found with the best pairings from the Ommegang portfolio. Generally though, any of our soft textured cheeses will pair excellently with Pale Sour, while any of our hard textured cheeses will compliment Brut IPA. Full descriptions of our entire collection can be found here.

Please fill out the form below and we will follow up with you right away to confirm the best selection and get cheese to you or directly to the customer in short order.

Thanks for your work to spread the good word of beer & cheese!


Zoe and the Jasper Hill Crew

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