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Sterling College - Artisan Cheesemaking II - Hard Style

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Sterling College - Artisan Cheesemaking II - Hard Style

Artisan Cheesemaking II - Hard Style

Advanced Artisan Cheesemaking II courses are meant for graduates of Sterling College Artisan Cheese I: Fundamentals of Cheesemaking course, as well as professionals with a knowledge of cheese technology, practice in Cheesemaking. Participants ideally should have the basic knowledge in the microbiological and biochemical aspects of cheesemaking. 

This is a four-day intensive course where students will learn the technical process of making various Hard style cheeses, both in theory and in practice, with world-renown educator Ivan Larcher. Using different milk types; cow, goat, and sheep’s milk, students will examine curdling methods, preparation of milk, and technological parameters needed to make the various styles of cheeses belonging to the Hard and Alpine style cheese family.

Apply through Sterling College here.