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Greensboro, VT





Black Label



The very best of our collection, especially for your most discerning customers.

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a dynamic 'taste of place'

As with wine, distinctions between vintages add dimension to the overall character of a cheese. Cheesemaking is a constant challenge; a new vintage is established with each day's make, and with it a unique expression of intent.

At Jasper hill, our Sensory Team works within the ripening vaults, constantly monitoring the developing attributes of each batch. Only those wheels deemed to be the highest expression of a cheese's potential are selected for the Black Label program, and are released at their peak of quality.

The spider graph above maps our very first Black Label batch. A spider graph like this will be available for each Black Label batch released. Through our grading exercises, we have identified four distinct profiles that Clothbound tends to express itself within: Umami & Roasted, Yolky & Bright, Chicken & Pineapple, or Brown Butter & Toast. Statistical analysis following batch by batch sensory evaluation will assign one of these four profiles based on similarity of defining attributes. Our first Black Label release, batch 07.12.2016, falls into the Umami & Roasted category, representing the best our inventory has to offer. 

shelf talker

Every wheel will come with a case talker that helps staff communicate about the Black Label program. We can also provide a stack of these 5" x 5" flyers for customers to take home with their cheese.

case sign

Each batch will come with a pre-filled case sign. The front of the card explains to customers what the Black Label program is, while the back gives mongers a reminder as to the batch date and sensory profile. 

Black Label cheese will only be available in whole wheels. Re-pack labels are not included, as these wheels are very limited in availability and intended for sale within full-service cheese cases.