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884 Garvin Hill Rd
Greensboro, VT






Whey Fed Pork



A good cheese yield is only about 20% of our fluid milk volume - this means that we produce much more whey than curd! Fortunately, we have a great outlet for this byproduct: a whey-fed pork program. Though mostly water, whey contains enough minerals, protein & fat to make a great feedstock for pigs.

We feed our whey to heritage breed pigs raised here on the farm. Their paddocks are located on a rocky piece of land that’s mostly second-growth trees, wild raspberry brambles and opportunistic pasture grasses.

Whey-fed pork is exceptionally juicy and sweet, and a free-range lifestyle makes for lean hogs with well-marbled intramuscular fat. Pasture-raised pigs are active, curious, and hardy. 

These pigs have traditionally fed our employees and their families, although we are beginning to sell a small number in our community as well as through Vermont Whey Fed Pigs. As our cheese production continues to grow, we have plans to make this an even more exciting (and delicious) part of the farm.