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884 Garvin Hill Rd
Greensboro, VT





Inventory Coordinator

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Inventory Coordinator

Jasper Hill Team

About Us

We are a mission based company working to preserve Vermont’s agricultural soils and working landscape through farmstead cheese production.  A leader in the cheese industry, we are located in the beautiful, rolling hills of Greensboro, VT. The Jasper Hill Family of Businesses includes two farms, two creameries, and a cheese aging facility that also houses our shipping and sales departments.

Position Summary

We’re looking for an inventory / logistics person to join our team.   You will be instrumental to the efficient flow of our weekly order cycle.  Responsibility begins with matching our available inventory with customer orders each week.  This includes working with our affinage team to ensure that just the right cheese is selected for just the right customers.  It extends to making sure that customer specifications are met as part of our packaging and shipping department.  It then requires ongoing quantitative analysis of our forecast sales and production data to ensure that our current and future inventory needs are properly balanced. 

Please be aware – this is an immensely complicated job due to the diversity of our product line and the particularity of aging specialty cheese.  This position requires finesse and a detailed understanding of specific customer needs, distribution networks, and production requirements. 

Qualified candidates MUST be quantitatively-inclined and we are not joking.  You must be able to deal with a diversity of data and product requirements, pivot table the heck out of it and then wrap it up in an analytical bow.   Many have tried but few have succeeded in this position.

Experience in the specialty cheese industry would be amazing but is not required.  Familiarity with the unique requirements of managing an aged yet perishable inventory will guarantee you an interview.  Ability to convince us that you are detail-oriented with impeccable organization skills and are highly skilled with Excel is essential.


Essential Responsibilities

  • Coordinate order fulfillment process
  • Understand intricacies of timing inventory, sales, and customer orders for our aged yet perishable product line
  • Provide quantitative analysis of sales and inventory
  • Oversee logistics of incoming and outgoing inventory
  • Coordinate work with Allocation Director, Sales Director, and General Manager



  • Excellent quantitative and excel skills
  • Well-organized and self-motivated
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Good written and verbal skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Food industry experience a plus, but not absolutely necessary


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